Making A Hero

a big hero

Comic-Con inspired me to make this ad for work.

At Atkinson Studios we shoot cell phones for LG, and they call one of the angles we shoot a “Hero Angle.” This is not the actual angle, but I like it better than the real “Hero Angle.”

How I started:

First, I illustrated a superhero cape. Then, added our Atkinson Studios logo and the cape was complete with a superhero brand and all. I then stretched and contorted the cape until it looked like it was an image on the screen of our hero cell phone.
LG phone Hero

After the hero was made, I needed a heroic scene for the phone to live in. Luckily, Lon had taken a photo of some gorgeous clouds. I was not thrilled with the color pallet of the photo, so I punched it up a bit. Here is the before shot:

beautiful clouds

beautiful clouds

The last step was to make the phone fly and add a punchy tagline to give the compilation a little more meaning.
LG cell phone

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